Privacy Principles

Learning League’s Education Privacy Principles 

Last Updated: September 30, 2021    

Learning League’s Privacy and Trust Commitment 

At Learning League, we believe every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential — and that every adult in a child’s life is empowered with the tools and resources they need to help get them there. That’s why we partner with school districts to provide high-dose tutoring paired with tools that empower teachers, tutors and parents to better meet the individual needs of every student (the “Services”) — and to ensure adherence to strong student privacy practices. Learning League is subsidizing the cost of the Services for school districts, making what is usually a cost-prohibitive but effective intervention highly accessible, to help students recover from learning loss. Learning League is one of a cohort of several sites implementing high-dosage tutoring nationally and will be part of a national community of practice, through which we will share insights and learn from others. As part of this effort, we will need to collect certain data to understand the impact and return on investment for high-dosage tutoring. 

In addition to support for tutoring, Learning League’s education technology team is building and maintaining online tools that connect in-school, out-of-school and at-home learning in order to better enable the full roster of caring adults in students’ lives to support their academic progress.

As part of our partnership with school districts and their students, Learning League is committed to protecting student privacy, and to building trust with parents, teachers, and students through transparency. We believe you should always know what data we collect from you, how we use it, and that you should have meaningful control over both. We want to empower users to make the best decisions about the information that they share with us and have highlighted key points below. 

The principles below both guide our work with school districts and our values as we collaborate with other education partners and research entities.  

These Privacy Principles apply to the Learning League Services.  The privacy policy for the informational website located at (the “Learning League Website”) is located here.

Principles and Data Transparency Highlights:

  • Personal Information We Collect:  Please see this page for the detailed categories of personal information we collect from each user type, including the sources from which the information was collected, the business purpose for which the information was collected and the third parties with whom we share or disclose personal information for a business purpose. 
  • How We Use the Information We Collect:  We use the personal information we collect from students (or about students from teachers and parents) to provide and improve the Service, for educational and research purposes, security and safety purposes, or as required by law. We will not require children to provide more personal information than is reasonably necessary to participate in the Service. For additional information regarding our use of information collected from teachers, parents, and tutors, see this page
  • Data Retention: We will not retain student personal information for any longer than is necessary for educational purposes and legal obligations, or to provide the Service for which we receive or collect the student personal information.  We will delete any other student data as directed by our agreements with school districts.  Please note that some content within a student account utilized in school or for educational purposes will be kept after deletion of the account for school legal compliance reasons (e.g., maintenance of “education records” under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or “student data” under state student privacy laws) and will not be deleted until we receive direction from the school. This can include content uploaded by a student, teacher, school leader, or parent. 

We store non-student user personal information for as long as it is necessary to provide products and Service to you and others. For non-student users, personal information associated with your account will be kept until your account is deleted, or until we no longer need the data to provide the Service, whichever occurs first. 

  • We Never Sell Personal Information: We will never sell or rent your personal information or non-personal information. We will only share or disclose personal information as set forth in these Privacy Principles and our data transparency chart, such as with a limited set of third-party service providers necessary to provide or develop our Services (e.g. database management services, database hosting and security), researchers, or as required by law, and we will be transparent about who these service providers and researchers are.  

We will contractually require that these service providers and researchers process personal information in accordance with our instructions and consistent with these Privacy Principles. We ensure that these service providers and researchers employ reasonable and comprehensive data protection and security protocols.

  • We never use student information for behaviorally targeted advertising: Personal information collected from students is **never** used for behaviorally-targeted advertising to students by us or any third-party. We may present contextually relevant educational content (not using student personal information) for either our own products or third-party products and services ourselves that we believe may be of interest to a student.
  • You own your data: We don’t own any content or information you provide or we receive – you (students, parents and/or schools) will own your content and information.
  • Security and Privacy by Design and Default: We use security industry best practices to protect personal information and Customer Data, including using encryption and other security safeguards to protect personal information. We design products with security and privacy in mind from day one.  See our Security Whitepaper for more information.  
  • Transparency and Choice: We will be transparent about our practices, so that you can make meaningful choices about how your personal information is used. If we make a material change to our Privacy Principles, we will provide prominent and appropriate notice by posting a notice on our Service, this website page, or emailing you (if you have provided an email address to us).
  • Right to Access, Correction, and Deletion of Data:  We support access to, correction, and deletion of student personal information by the student or their parent or legal guardian, either by 1) assisting the school in meeting its requirements for access, correction and deletion or by responding to requests we receive from schools, or 2) directly responding to requests from parents when the information is collected directly from a child and Learning League obtains the parent consent (not the school). Teachers, parents, school leaders and other users can contact us at once you are signed into your account to access, correct or update their personal information, or they can use the features in their account settings to do so. 

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