About Learning League Tutoring

Parents and teachers across the country are worried about how the coronavirus pandemic affected students’ learning. Learning League is an afterschool tutoring program built and run by Gary Community Ventures that seeks to accelerate learning for Colorado students. We’re not just interested in getting kids back to where they ended last year – we want to close any learning gaps and help students be able to achieve whatever they desire.

Our tutoring program is designed to help students with either early Literacy (Kindergarten-3rd Grade) or middle grades Math (4th-7th Grades). Students advance at their own pace, supported by a tutor in a small group setting after school. Learning League tutors are hand-picked via application screening, personal interviews and background checks. Your child’s tutor will guide your child through a series of lessons each week, monitor their progress, and adjust their lessons based on how they are doing. 

How It Works

  • Tutor sessions are FREE and occur afterschool. 
  • Learning League works closely with your school to provide this service. 
  • Learning League tutors run 3 sessions each week of 45 minutes each with your child. 
  • These are small group sessions, with no more than 4 students, and the same tutor each week.
  • Students are grouped together based on their math or literacy assessments, and input from their school.

Learning League will monitor your child’s progress by working closely with their school. We will study how their Math or Literacy skills and assessments improve over the course of their tutoring sessions. Throughout the program, you will be kept in the loop with updates and communications from your child’s teachers. We know that by working together, your child can reach their learning goals!


If you are interested in this program for your child, please contact your teacher or afterschool coordinator for enrollment information.